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For the second time, Shrinkfish® is giving you opportunity to learn very powerful and professional approach to animation; to create animations of your dreams starting from your story idea to a finished film.
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smedlabTargetParticipantsThis training is open to and targeting beginners as well as people who are already in the animation business. It does not matter if you draw on paper or work with the computer. It does not matter if you are interested in 2D animation, 3D or just motion art. It does not matter if you have ever animated something or not. What matters is that you have an enthusiasm for animation and would like to either get to know what it is all about or go neck-deep into the field of animation. This is your chance to learn the unavoidable principles of animation




smedlabrequirementsIt is expected of the participants to have meet at least 50% of the following requirements:

-Good drawing skills
-Fluency in English language
-Patience and perseverance
-Skills in Adobe Photoshop or any other photo editor
-Skills in any other CG interface Software
-Skills in any computer animation programme of choice (for example Anime Studio Pro, Mirage, TV Paint animation, Toon Boom, 3D Studio max, Maya, Modo, etc)
-Readiness to explore /and adaptation of new skills like understanding CG interfaces
-Own laptop or computer system with a minimum of 2GB RAM and 2GH Processor
-Good drawing skills
– Excellent Team Player



PART 1: On Location Training

This intensive on-location training will take place in Lagos Nigeria distributed between the Goethe Institut and the Afrinolly Space. It is made up of 8 weeks of 5-day a week one on one interactive sessions between the participants and the teachers.


PART 2: Internship

After the 8 weeks intensive training, the participants will be deployed to partner Animation studios for a 4 weeks internship, where they will have try their hands in a real production environment.
Aside being part of whatever production is going on in the studios, they are expected to produce a 30 seconds clip the script of which they must have written during the intensive training



PART 3: Group Project Development

The internship will be followed up by a one week on location intensive interaction to discuss the group’s final short film. This involves a brainstorming session during which the story will be developed (A skype account or similar is necessary for this)



PART 4: Production

Having learned to work independently as well as a team, the group will commence with the production of their short film. This will be coordinated through online sessions, hang outs and webinars. (A skype account or similar is necessary for this)



PART 5: Post Production and finalization

In another one week on location meeting , the project will be rounded up with a partner post production studio.

It is expected that the premiere of the finished film will take place late 2017 the framework of any  the smedLAB partner Festivals (to be revealed later)


ShrinkfishLogo_GRAY-DarkAfter the training, Shrinkfish is going to select some of the very best to engage them in their numerous projects, thus giving them the opportunity of earning money while perfecting their skills towards self employment or setting up own studios